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Animal Memory Games

Animal Memory Games

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Looking for the perfect educational gift for your little ones? These little matching games are perfect! Challenge your memory with this fun set of animal memory game cards. It's fun for preschoolers of all ages and ideal for ages 1 to 6.

Cards are 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches and printed on coated card stock to stand up to toddler slobbers. They arrive in a durable linen burlap bag for safe keeping and are great on the go (think picnic in the park, long road trip activity, etc.)

This company's brand values are:

Women Owned
Made in USA

Designed in Mountain View, California

The story behind this sweet business:
In 2015, two weeks before her wedding, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At 28, she definitely wasn't expecting to hear the C word. Fortunately, she had a very treatable form of thyroid cancer and one surgery and some treatments later, and she was back in ship shape. But it really pushed her to evaluate her life and she felt life was too short not to pursue her passion. She had always dreamed of running my own business. And she had been sketching a series of animals in her spare time. It took her about 2 years to complete the first collection of animals and in 2017, she got the courage to take the plunge and open up her own Etsy shop with the Alphabet Animal Flash Cards as her first product. Ever since, she has been adding all kinds of illustrations to the collections and sharing them with the world through various products. She loves sharing with other strong women in business who pursue their dreams!
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