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Finger Painting with Lili Activity Book

Finger Painting with Lili Activity Book

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Lili is planning a surprise birthday party for her friend Chloe, and you're invited! Basic instructions are provided in the beginning of the activity book, and then young artists are prompted through fun and engaging exercises to make everything from balloons, flower bouquets, the birthday cake, and all its ingredients to wrapping paper.

Once the preparations are complete, help Lili gather the guests by bringing to life Rosie the Flamingo, Edmond the Pig, Reynard the Fox, and even Chloe and Lili. And no party is complete without candles for the cake and fireworks, so get ready to put your fingers back in the paint!

Notes of humor echo in the dialogue as Lili playfully uses descriptive words to describe all the things she needs for the birthday party she’s planning. This interactive activity book encourages little ones to dip their fingertips, palms, and hands in the paint and create a whole world of possibility!

Lucie Albon | 48pp | SC
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